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MG Int/Adv
Video cover art for Martha Graham Dance Technique intermediate/advanced level


In this Intermediate/Advanced Level video, the fundamental principles in the Graham Technique, contraction and release, opposition, shift of weight, and spirals, that were introduced in the Beginning Level are further developed. Select exercises are demonstrated completely through Advanced progressions. Traditional combinations teach dancers how to combine exercises they’ve learned into fluid short dances, merging technical prowess with lyrical expressiveness. A final section provides in-depth instruction on the more complicated exercises with slow motion and freeze frames.

The video includes 2 versions: 

1) the full version with voice-over and music  |  RT: 2:00

2) the exercises with music only  |  RT:  1:45   

The complete list of exercises can by found by clicking on the Unlimited Streaming button. [ Note: The DVD does not include interviews. ]


MG Beg
Video cover art for Martha Graham Dance Technique beginning level

This Beginning Level Technique video introduces you to the important elements of Graham technique: contraction, release, and spiral, driven by the torso and pelvis with the use of the breath and the floor. As in the typical Graham class, the exercises are divided into 3 sections: Floor Work, Standing and Across the Floor with a final section of in-depth explanation of select exercises. The technique in the video was directed by Miki Orihara, a principal dancer with the Graham Company for over 27 years and the Associate Dance Director, Susan KikuchiIn addition to the technique exercises, there are two programs edited from interviews with former Graham dancers:  Teaching Graham and Essential Elements of the Graham Technique.

The video includes 2 versions: 

1) the full version with voice-over and music  |  RT:  2:00

2) the exercises with music only  |  RT:  1:17   

The complete list of exercises can by found by clicking on the Unlimited Streaming button.


MG Penny
graham intermediate DVD cover

In this Intermediate Level class, Penny Frank teaches a unique Graham class, selecting exercises from the Graham syllabus, but combining and mixing the movement studies to create longer and different combinations and a greater variety of movement studies. This class includes one of Ms. Frank’s favorite Graham movements: the unique Pretzel study, which is based on Martha Graham’s work with Alexander Calder and inspired by his mobiles. The beautiful accompanying music is played by Reed Hansen, who was handpicked by Ms. Frank because of his long association with her and Martha Graham.


RT:  58 minutes



LH Adv Beg Cls
Video cover art for Lester Horton advanced beginner class

This is our first video class teaching the Lester Horton technique: The Advanced Beginners Class taught by Ana Marie Forsythe including Improvisation with Marjorie B. Perces. This class was created to show how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class. The class is based on the technique as it was documented in the book, Dance Technique of Lester Horton, by Marjorie Perces, Ana Marie Forsythe and Cheryl Bell, and the 3 Dance Spotlight videos: Lester Horton Technique The Warm-Up, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. These sources contain in depth analysis of the movements and are a great reference for teachers and students.


The complete list of exercises can be viewed by clicking  on the Unlimited Streaming button. 

RT:  90 minutes


LH Int Cls
Video cover art for Lester Horton intermediate class

The Intermediate Horton Class is a complete class and thorough workout which demonstrates how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class that is already familiar with the basic Horton technique. Ana Marie Forsythe teaches the Horton technique with Marjorie Perces teaching a section of Horton improvisation.


The class includes  Roll Downs, Flat Backs, Bounces and Primitive Squat, Lateral Stretches, Release Swings with Variations, Leg Swings, Leg Swings with Attitude Turn, Deep Lunges, Fortification #4, Coccyx Balance with Variations, Fortification #11, Improvisation, Progressions, Leg Swings with Variations, Combination of Movements, Single Foot Arch Springs, Leaps, Elementary Balance.


RT:  90 minutes


LH Adv Cls
Video cover art for Lester Horton advanced class

In this Advanced Horton Class, the award winning and Master Horton teacher Ana Marie Forsythe encourages a group of professional dancers to continually challenge themselves. You are able to witness the focus and commitment of these dancers taking and applying corrections and building and honing their already strong technical and artistic dancing. Class includes: Horton Warm-Up through deep lunges, Fortification #6 (the Pieta), Prelude #2, Table Balance with flat back and leg extension, Leg Swings in progression, Combinations with advanced Horton vocabulary, Single Foot Arch Springs, Elevation Combination, and Dimensional Tonus.


RT:  68 minutes


LH Intro Boy
Video cover art for Intro to Dance for Boys

Co-Director of the Ailey School, Tracy Inman, gives us a fantastic demonstration and learning tool for how to structure a class for young boys in Intro to Dance for Boys. The class is exciting, fun, and challenging while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, discipline, and focus. The first part introduces the boys to the Horton technique, a great technique for young dancers to explore movement and how the body works, with appropriate terminology and positions. The Lester Horton technique uses geometric shapes the young dancers can easily see and understand. The 2nd part, with Yahaya Kamate teaching West African dance, gives the boys the opportunity to let loose, release their energy, and move without restraint. This class is an instructive example of how to introduce boys to a discipline of movement or sport.


RT: 71 minutes


LH Warm Up
Video cover art for Lester Horton Technique Warm-Up

Dance Spotlight presents The Warm-Up, for both dancers and exercise enthusiasts, as an introduction to the innovative dance training technique of Lester Horton. The Warm-Up is a unique program designed to prepare dancers for rehearsal and performance and is a staple of most Horton classes. Mr. Horton was determined to develop a technique that did not limit how the body could move and that was anatomically corrective. As a result, his method has enormous variety, range and complexity. Marjorie B. Perces, former Horton dancer and teacher, and Ana Marie Forsythe, chair of the Horton department at the Ailey School, lead a group of professional dancers through leg swings, metatarsal presses, fortifications, and more.  After the exercises are explained and demonstrated the Warm-Up (the first 5 exercises) are repeated in continuous play with music only so one can dance along with the video.


The complete list of exercises can be viewed by clicking  on the Unlimited Streaming button. 

RT: 45 minutes


LH Int Leve
Video cover art for Lester Horton Technique intermediate class

In this Intermediate Lester Horton Technique video, as taught by  Ana Marie Forsythe and Marjorie B. Perces a group of professional dancers perform the exercises that make up the second level of learning the Horton technique. The material presented will help to build strength, agility, and flexibility. This is also an excellent way to do a non-aerobic workout and learn beautiful movements that help develop grace, free artistic expression, and reduce muscle stress. This video includes: Prelude Studies 1,2, 3; Fortification Studies 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Hinge Studies 1, 2, 3; Figure 4 Study, Falls:  Front Fall, Back Fall, Lateral T Fall; Percussive Stroke Study, Coccyx Balance, Table Balance, T Balance with Side Fall. After each exercise, more in-depth instruction is added with slow motion and freeze frames. Enjoy interviews and clips from the Horton legacy of dancers and teachers who learned and worked with Lester and from the dancers in the videos.


RT: 55 minutes


LH Adv Level
Video cover art for Lester Horton Technique advanced class

Dance Spotlight presents the Advanced Level, the final documentation of the Lester Horton modern dance technique that expands the body's traditional range of motion. The group of professional dancers demonstate: Prelude Studies: 4, 5, 6;  Balance Studies: T Balance with Promenade, Advanced T Balance; Fortification Studies: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17; Falls: Spiral Fall, Lateral Side Twist Fall; Hinge Studies: 4, 5, 6; Deep Floor Vocabulary; Torso Language; Jumps. In-depth teaching points follow each exercise. Plus, enjoy the interviews with and about Joyce Trisler, a key teacher and choreographer in the Horton Legacy including Deborah Jowitt, Milton Myers, Julia Rivera, plus comments from Judith Jamison, Denise Jefferson, George Faison, Max Luna, Miguel Lopez, Tracy Inman, Marjorie Perces, and Ana Marie Forsythe, key figures of the Horton legacy.


RT: 70 minutes


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